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What is a globe valve

Author : jacky li Date : 4/24/2016 6:36:29 PM
Globe valve is the most widely used in chemical production of a truncated class valves, which compared with the block valve does not use the pieces of the rotation of the open and close the valve closed, but through a valve rod is connected with the circular disc (valve head), change the distance between the valve plate and valve seat to achieve control of the valve closed.
Streamline type globe valve American standard type globe valve features: by the upper handwheel, stem, central thread and stuffing box sealing section, small on the valve stem threads in the valve body, its structure is compact, but the stem part of contact with the medium, and more particularly threaded portion is easy corrosion, judging from the stem above the height of the valve cover valve open degree, to prevent medium along the valve stem leakage, can wear out in stem cover parts with packing seal.
Cut-off valve structure is complex, but the operation is simple, very not easy, easy to adjust flow and channel the truncation, lifting slowly no water hammer phenomenon, therefore, are more widely used.
Cut-off valve installation should pay attention to the direction of flow, should make the line fluid from down to up through the seat, and the so-called "low into higher", the purpose is to reduce the fluid resistance, make open energy and closed the valve stem, stuffing box part does not contact with the media, ensure that the stem and stuffing box from damage and leakage.
Cut-off valve is mainly used for water, steam, compressed air pipe and all kinds of material, can accurately adjust flow closely truncation and channel, but can not be used in the viscosity, easy to be crystallized material.