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What are the methods to adjust electric gate valve.

Author : Hebei Eurasian Metal Plumbing Industries Co., Ltd. Date : 8/1/2016 4:22:01 AM
1, the adjustment of the torque limit agencies
Electric gate valve used in different places on the basis of different water pressure difference or differential pressure at the ends of the damper (gate valve is closed), torque limit institutions can adjust appropriately.
On both ends of the electric gate valve gate direction when using hydraulic pressure or low differential pressure, torque should be transferred to the lower torque limit institutions, in the use of HZ series, z series or ZB and capsule mushroom spring pod pounds fold HZ series torque limit institutions, adjust the torque value requires, the greater the vice is small.
More than a few series of adjustment.
In adjusting lh-zd series valve electric actuator, to remove the side cover, adjust the torque limit institutions, unscrew the adjusting nut tight set screw, unscrew the adjusting nut, loosen knob torque spring, and in the loose and tight set screw of the adjusting nut tighten, hold the adjusting nut.
Pay attention to the top of the set screw must be on the shaft groove, such as the top is not just on the shaft groove, as long as the adjusting nut to the direction of the compression spring a little turn, make it on the shaft groove set screws.
Then put side cover, adjust the open valve.
Such as torque limit agency action, the spring is too loose the close to the action.
So that we can make the torque limit agencies work under low torque, guarantee in stroke control mechanism the failure of electric gate valves, electric gate valves or other reasons than torque, torque limit agencies and reliable action, and to cut off the motor power, to protect the valve from damage.
In some places use electric gate also don't have to adjust the closing of the too tight, adjust to loose half a circle back again after using hand shut (or round) location as well. As well (or not leaking or gas) when the electric gate valve installed in the water hydraulic or air pressure difference bigger place, when using torque limit agencies should be transferred to the appropriate opening and closing torque.
If installed in the water pump room of the water gate, after the pump start-up, they did not open when the water pressure, the water gate 121 diameter, the greater the open gate valve used in the moment.
Especially when there is no pressure in the pipeline, valve disc on the one-way pressure maximum, then adjust nut compression spring, can adjust to the normal opening and closing valve, torque limit agencies not action.
When the electric gate in adjusting water pump room use must be transferred to the full open full closed position, otherwise it is easy to make the gate valve sealing surface damage caused by leakage.
Because installation of electric gate near the water pump, water flow rate high and not smooth, as part of the disc such as gate valves not fully open for water channeling dynamic before and after the impact, the disc sealing surface wear, channels water affect the service life of the valve.
Also should try to avoid using electric gate valve to regulate traffic, otherwise easy to damage the valve sealing surface.
In addition, the variable frequency speed regulation technology is developing rapidly in recent years, the pump flow control to adopt frequency control of motor speed technology, to achieve energy saving efficiency of the pump.
2, electric gate valves "open" position adjustment
Adjust the electric valve opening and closing.
According to the requirements of the adjustment of each manufacturer have to manually close the valve to the "full close" or "open" position.
If according to the requirements of large diameter artificial closed gate valve open time spent much, also very laborious.
Here is introduced a new method of adjusting: if you know the tune of gate valve stem tooth pitch, the adjustment electric gate valve is very convenient.
Now the domestic production of valve diameter in DN400 - DN600 gate its stem tooth pitch is commonly ram;DN600 caliber valve stem teeth from above average 10 for ram.
The gate valve manufacturers if possible asked stem tooth pitch.
After adjusting valve electric actuator, if know in advance the gate location, such as know the gate valve is in full close position, first adjust the "full close" position.
First of all, using hand will gate to open in the direction of rotation, such as the valve rod rotation or half a circle a circle.
Then send the power press "on" button.
After check, if the valve open button, the valve stem of steering and manual open when the valve stem to agree, to explain the phase sequence of the motor and electric control valve in the same direction. At this time can be adjusted first gate valve stroke control mechanism, transferred to the fully closed position, full close position after the adjustment, gate valve can be adjusted by the full open position.
At this time in the open gate valve, count gate valve stem rotation laps know whether to "open" position.
If is DN500 electric gate valve, the valve stem tooth pitch is 8 ram, stem open 8 one revolution of the ram, fully open gate valve plate will be upward movement 500 ram, and valve stem when fully open so need to turn the circle of 500/8 = 62.5.
Clicked open valve button at this point count up to 63 ring valve to the "open" position, and adjust the stroke of valve electric device controller, the micro switch action in the position of "open".
Since electric gate valve can be closed, open check it again, adjust the end.
If the electric gate valve in open position before adjustment, you should adjust the position of the open first steps as described above.