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Flat gate structure characteristics.

Author : Hebei Eurasian Metal Plumbing Industries Co., Ltd. Date : 6/26/2016 7:16:19 PM
Flat gate valve mainly can be divided into the following characteristics
1. The seat of the sealing structure should be elastic pre-tightening force, either upstream or downstream seal seat sealing structure at the same time.Seating and sealing seal between content is always face to face.
2. The seat has self-cleaning function, and in the process of the valve opened or closed without being directly eroded by the airflow.The seat should consist of lubrication, no wear materials.
3. The valve actuator fault will not affect other parts of the valve, repair and replacement work can be conducted without dismantling the valve.
Yoke sleeve (1) : aluminum bronze yoke sleeve needle thrust bearing, the greatest degree to reduce operating torque.
(2) stem: thread length until the bracket;Pin and spot welding;Has the stability.
(3) the pressure seal: simple structure, configuration of segmented retaining ring and mild steel silver plated gasket to aid disassembly and provide maximum bonnet seal.
(4) the seat ring: welding seat ring is perpendicular to the flow channel, easy to maintain.
(5) actuators: these valves can be furnished with electric, pneumatic or hydraulic cylinder actuators.12 the following configuration standards manual handwheel, oblique gear operator DN350 above configuration.
(6) yoke: fully fabricated yoke is seismically testing, easy maintenance and actuator mounting.
(7) gland: a two-piece, self-adjusting gland, avoid being pop up.
Integral backseat (8) : hardfaced, the longest service life.
(9) disc: spring loaded discs can adjust themselves, reduce actuator torque requirements.
(10) as a whole: stop integrally cast carrier stop, positions carrier disc assembly, stable seating available.
4. The body has two kinds of casting and welding structure.
5. Seat O ring seals and pre-tightening force of the floating seat structure, make the seal of the valve import and export;And the structure of the open-close torque is only 1/2 of ordinary valves, can achieve easily open and close the valve.
6. Metal to metal seal valve, the valve body is grease injector outside of it, grease gets into the sealing face by greasing, valve seat, valve to achieve zero leakage.
7. Seat is Mosaic PTFE seal face with PTFE to metal and metal to metal seal, PTFE sealing surface dirt and remove disc.
8. Disc, seat after the special craft processing, spraying weld hard alloy, four fluorine wear-resisting, realize the double seal.And can double protection grease auxiliary seal, seal more available, longer service life.
9. The wedge disc of the valve with flow guide hole either fully open or always fitted with the sealing face, the sealing face protected without being directly eroded by the medium, so as to prolong service life.
Valve in the fully open channel, smooth line, small flow resistance coefficient, no pressure loss, can connect the bulb cleaning line.
11. This valve USES the packing structure with the sealing ability, without constant adjustment, features very light open and close, and sealing can be *, an auxiliary sealing grease injection structure is set in the packing, the sealing performance absolutely available, to achieve a true null leak,To solve the packing place of universal valves to be easiest leak outward ills.
12. The valve is closed automatically removing the inner cavity and pressure, ensure use safety.
13. Totally enclosed structure, good protective performance, can meet the requirements for the clock.
14. An indication rod or viewing window to show the valve opening and closing.
The main purpose of the flat gate valve:
Flat gate valve is suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, city pipeline, the gas pipeline conveying pipeline, such as steam vent system and the storage device, used for opening and closing device.Z43 type single ram type flat gate valve with flow guide hole is suitable for gas extraction and purification of long distance pipeline.
Flat gate valve diameter range: DN25 ~ 1200 range of pressure: 0.6 MPa ~ 45 mpa150lb ~ 3000 lb
A diversion hole flat gate valve used in the need to pass the ball pipeline pigging, without diversion hole for don't need to pass the ball on the pipeline pigging.