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Bevel gear plate gate valve is a kind of ideal new oil industry equipment

Author : Hebei Eurasian Metal Plumbing Industries Co., Ltd. Date : 5/30/2016 4:28:49 AM
Bevel gear plate gate valve adopts new floating type sealing structure, bevel gear plate gate valve is suitable for the pressure is not more than 10 mpa, temperature - 29 ~ 121 ℃ on the gas pipeline of H2S gas content is higher, as control medium and adjusting device for opening and closing, bevel gear plate gate structure of the product design, material selection, strict testing, convenient operation, appropriate with strong corrosion, wear resistance, erosion resistance, bevel gear plate gate valve is a kind of ideal new oil industry equipment.

One, bevel gear plate gate valve application:

Bevel gear plate gate valve is suitable for natural gas, petroleum, chemical industry, environmental protection, city pipeline, the gas pipeline conveying pipeline, such as bevel gear plate gate valve steam vent system and the storage device, used for opening and closing device.

Bevel gear plate gate valve is suitable for gas extraction and purification of long distance pipeline

Second, the bevel gear flat gate valve structure characteristics and working principle

1, bevel gear plate gate adopt floating seat, two-way opening and closing, reliable seal, flexible opening and closing.

Article 2, ram are oriented to give precise guidance, at the same time, sealing surface spraying weld hard alloy, resistance to erosion.

3, high carrying capacity of the valve body, the channel for straight-through, fully open, similar to phase penetration and straight pipe ram flow guide hole, small flow resistance.Bevel gear plate gate valve stem with composite packing, multiple sealing, makes the reliable sealing, low friction.

4, close the valve, rotating the handwheel clockwise, ram down to the bottom, due to the effect of medium pressure, bevel gear plate gate valve inlet side seal seat to ram the direction, form a larger sealing pressure, thus forming the first line of the seal.At the same time, the ram pressure toward the outlet seal seat, become a double seal.

5, due to adopt double seal, so bevel gear plate gate valve can be work in does not affect the pipeline under the condition of replacement parts.This is our factory product prior to the important characteristics of similar products at home and abroad.

6, open the gate, the handwheel counterclockwise, ram up, diversion hole with channel pore penetration.Bevel gear plate gate valve with the rise of the disc, communicating pores increase, gradually to limit position, diversion holes collocated with the channel holes, fully open at this time.

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