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Ansi Standard valve repair and assembly

Author : jacky li Date : 4/7/2016 2:11:30 AM
Have longer service life and maintenance free, will depend on several factors: the normal working conditions and maintain harmonious temperature/pressure ratio, and the reasonable corrosion data
Low maintenance and assembling of American standard valve ball valve in the closed state, the compression of the body remains fluid.
Low maintenance and assembly maintenance, American standard valve lift line pressure and the valve is in open position.
Low maintenance and assembly maintenance before the American standard valve, disconnect the electricity or gas.
Low maintenance, actuators and stand out.
Low must first find out on the ball valve, the downstream piping have indeed after unloading the pressure, to carry out dismantling operations.
When low decomposition and assembly again sealing surface of the parts, must be careful to prevent injury especially non-metal parts, o-rings inappropriate use of special tools.
Low assembly when the flange bolts must be symmetrical, gradually and evenly tighten the humidity sensor probe, PT100 sensor electric heating tube, stainless steel, cast aluminum heater, heating circle, fluid solenoid valve.
Low cleaning agents should be with the rubber ball valve parts, plastic parts, metal parts and work medium (such as gas, for example) are incompatible.Working medium is gas, available gasoline cleaning metal parts (GB484-89).Non-metallic parts clean with clean water or alcohol.
Low break down individual parts can use dip way to clean.Still left did not break down the non-metallic metal parts can be fine clean clean immersion cleaning agent of silk fall off (to avoid fiber adhesion) on the parts to swab.When cleaning should remove all adhesion on the surface of grease, dirt, plastic product, dust, etc.
Low non-metallic parts shall be immediately removed from the cleaning agent, after cleaning may soak for a long time.
Low after wash wall cleaning agent to volatilize and after cleaning (available not soak cleaner silk cloth to wipe) are assembled, but shall not be put on hold for a long time, or it will rust and dust pollution.
When the new parts also need to be cleaned before assembly.
The low use of grease lubrication.Grease and ball valve should be metal material, rubber parts, plastic parts and working medium are incompatible.Working medium is gas, available for example 221 grease.Besmear in seal installation groove on the surface of a thin layer of grease, apply a thin layer of grease on rubber seal, valve stem seal face and friction surface coated with a thin layer of grease.
Assembly should be not allowed to have metal scraps, fiber, oil (except regulations used) dust and other impurities, foreign bodies, such as pollution, adhesion, or stay on the parts surface, or into the lumen.
1), packing you have to lock
If the filler has a tiny leakage occurs, we must lock stem nut.
Note: don't be too tight lock, lock ~ 1 1/4 circle again, usually reveal that will stop.
2), replace seat and seal
A), remove the
Make the valve in a partially open position, flushing, remove the body inside and outside the possible dangerous substances.
Close the ball valve, pull down on both sides of the flange connection bolts and nuts, and completely removing the valve from the pipeline.
In order to remove drive actuator, bracket, washer, stem nut, butterfly, shrapnel, south, wear-resisting, stem packing.
Remove the cover body connection bolts and nuts, separate the bonnet and valve body, and remove the valve cover gasket.
Confirm the valve ball in the "off" position, it can be more easily from the body out, then remove the seat.
In the valve body hole nudge stem until completely remove down, and then remove the o-rings and valve stem packing.
Note: please carefully operation, in order to avoid scratch stem stuffing-box seal surface and body parts.
B), and reassembled
Clean and check the removed parts, strongly recommend wrapped spare parts to replace the valve seat, valve cover gasket seals, etc.
According to remove the opposite order for assembly.
Use specified torque, cross lock bolt flange connection.
Use specified torque, locking stem nut.
After installation of actuators, the corresponding input signal through the rotary valve rod drives the valve core to rotate, the valves to open and closed position.
If possible, please return the pipe before, according to the relevant standard for pressure seal valve testing and performance testing.
1, the principle of
Ball valve open-close part is a ball, the ball around the center line of the body as a rotation to achieve a kind of open and close the valve.
2, suitable places
On the low voltage, small diameter pipeline used for blocking water and change the distribution of the flow or to be quick opening and closing.