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All kinds of valve installed on the pipeline direction and position requirements

Author : Hebei Eurasian Metal Plumbing Industries Co., Ltd. Date : 8/15/2016 3:05:12 AM
Cut-off valve, throttle valve, relief valve, check valve, etc have directional valve, and if the throttle valve to flip back, will affect the use effect and life, if the porv simply doesn't work, if the check valve and even dangerous.There direction mark on the general valve, the valve body;One thousand no, should according to the working principle of the valve, the correct recognition.Around the globe valve valve chamber asymmetry, fluid for it is through the valve at the bottom of the mouth, so fluid resistance is small (determined by the shape), easy open (upward) under medium pressure and closed after the medium pressure filler, not easy to repair.That's why stop valve is Ann's.Other valves also have their own features.

The location of the installation of valve, must be convenient to operate;Some even install temporary difficulties, also should considerate of the long-term work of the operator.
Best valve handwheel and chest even up (generally 1.2 meters away from the operating floor), in this way, the open and close the valve more ShengJin.On landing valve handwheel to face, do not tilt, so as to avoid operating at odds.
Machine valve by the equipment against the wall, also want to allow operators to stand.
To avoid face upwards operation, especially in the acid and alkali, toxic medium and so on, it's not safe.

Gate valves don't flip (i.e., the handwheel down), or you will make the medium to long term retained in the valve cap space, easy to corrosion stem, and taboo by some technical requirements.
Replacement of packing at the same time is extremely convenient.

1, the relief valve to vertical installed in horizontal pipe runs, all directions don't tilt.

2, lift check valve, to ensure the installation disc vertical, in order to lift flexible.

3, swing check valve, should ensure the pin level when installation, flexible to swing.

4, rising stem gate valves, do not install in the ground, or corrosion due to damp the leakage of the valve stem.